follow the stone, emmett love, john locke,All six of John Locke’s previous Donovan Creed novels have made it to the Top 20 on the Amazon/Kindle Best Seller’s List. His western adventure, Follow the Stone, became the #1 western seven days after publication! He had four different books in the Top 10 at the same time, and seven books in the top 34 at the same time, including #1 and #2.

FIVE STARS! “John Locke has a very infectious writing style. He does not disappoint with “A Girl Like You”. There’s plenty of action, mystery, and of course, an adult-dose of humor.”

FIVE STARS! “John’s books are best enjoyed with an open mind and willingness to let the author take you where he intends. Do this and I promise you will become a fan.”

FIVE STARS! “I finished “A Girl Like You” in one sitting; something I never do.”

FIVE STARS! “Five Stars not enough…this is a ten star book!”

FIVE STARS! “John Locke has done it again. I keep thinking that I will read one of his Donovan Creed Books that doesn’t appeal to me…nope. Again I must say John Locke is a wonderful Writer! Run don’t walk to get all of his books. You won’t be sorry.”

FIVE STARS! “Another John Locke book? How fast can I hit that “Buy Now” button?”

FIVE STARS! “As I was reading the comments section in J.A.Konrath blog interview with Mr. Locke, Mr. Locke listed the chronological order of his Donovan Creed books. Lo and behold there was a new novel: “A Girl Like You”. As fast as I could I hit that link to Amazon and bought that sucker. I walked a block to the nearest WiFi hotspot and it was on my Kindle.”

FIVE STARS! “It was so nice to welcome back Mr. Creed that I read the first third of this book during lunch and devoured the rest that evening. Talk about getting your money’s worth! Mr. Locke is now on my top 5 best *living* writers list (replacing the late Robert B. Parker). What a wonderful new author discovery. I haven’t felt this way about a new author since Lee Child.”

FIVE STARS! “I just wish I hadn’t plowed through it all in one afternoon. I couldn’t find a good stopping place so I could set the book down–I just kept reading because I was dying to know what would happen next!”

FIVE STARS! “I have to say that I absolutely love the Donovan Creed series. My crazy love for this series aside, you have to go into it with an open mind. If you are in the category of the easily offended then this may not be the book for you. However if you are in the better category (hehe) of people with a sense of humor it certainly is for you. See how I did that, if you were offended by the last statement you are probably classified as the former. Mr. Locke does an incredible job of putting action, comedy, and a unique sense of romance together in a way that has compelled me to read the entire series in a month. Please go forth and read…”
FIVE STARS! “Best of the Creed series thus far. Marvelous blend of suspense, humor, and snappy dialogue. The novel ended nicely and laid the foundation for the next issue. Can’t wait for Vegas Moon.”

FIVE STARS! “This was an awesome Donovan Creed book! Made me laugh out loud and get a lot of funny looks. I read all 6 books in 7 days they are so good I can’t put them down. Can’t wait for the 7th book!”

FIVE STARS! “I can’t get enough of Donovan Creed!”

FIVE STARS! “I highly recommend “A Girl Like You” and all of John Locke’s books to anyone with a sense of humor and an appreciation of entertaining stories.”

FIVE STARS! “I stumbled upon the Donovan Creed series b/cofthe99cent price. I have to say, it’s a great series and a quick read. I didn’t read them in order and was able to follow along. Donovan is a great character.”

FIVE STARS! “Do you like action? Mystery? Tied up naked people with attitude? Then you are in the RIGHT PLACE!”

FIVE STARS! “Donovan Creed isacharacterwithwide spread appeal….I mean, who doesn’t like a compassionate hit man with a sense of humor?”

FIVE STARS! “Addicting!!!!”

FIVE STARS! “Locke you are the man. What aGreat Great series. Keep them coming, Creed makes my reading time fun and most enjoyable.”

FIVE STARS! “I have once again found a writer that has caught and held my attention. I thank you Mr. John Locke. I have actually read all your books except for the western but from the review I am sure I will also purchase it. Your writing keeps me smiling and I like that.”
FIVE STARS! “Another prize book from John Locke. He is a new author for me and I can’t get enough. Funny, fast paced can’t put it down kinda read! Love!”

FIVE STARS! “The old Donovan Creed is back!”

FIVE STARS! “Today is Wednesday 11am. I just finished reading “A Girl like You” after starting it at 8am. I read the first book in the series “Lethal People” on Sunday. So in 4 days I have devoured all 6 of these books. I’ve become a huge John Locke fan in a few short days.”

John Locke
“Author John Locke only improves, like an aged wine. John Locke’s writing draws you in. You fall in love again on every page, and it is never predictable. Except that I am always left satisfied.”


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