Kindle Owners: Welcome!

If you’re one of the six million new Kindle owners, you’re probably ready to load some books. But where do you start? I mean, seriously, with over 800,000 books to choose from, where do you start?

Here’s an idea. Fourteen authors have sold more than a million eBooks on Kindle. Type the following names into your Kindle search and you’ll find their catalog of eBooks. Some are more expensive than others, but these are the top-selling authors, so their books are almost certainly worth the price.

  1. Stieg Larsson
  2. James Patterson
  3. Nora Roberts
  4. Charlaine Harris
  5. Lee Child
  6. Suzanne Collins
  7. Michael Connelly
  8. (See Below) *
  9. Janet Evanovich
  10. Kathryn Stockett
  11. George R.R. Martin
  12. David Baldacci
  13. Amanda Hocking
  14. Stephenie Meyer

*In the spirit of full disclosure, I’m John Locke, #8 on the above list. I’m a New York Times Best Selling Author, and I sold more than 1,720,000 eBooks in 2011.

Just to be clear:

I’m not asking you to choose me over these other wonderful authors. In fact, I recommend you buy their books first, because you probably already know and love them. Buy as many of their books as you can afford. Then, if you’ve got a dollar left over, I recommend you give one of my books a try. You see, I sell my eBooks for 99 cents. This isn’t a one-time special, it’s my everyday friendship price for all my novels.

I could charge more for my eBooks. But you know what that would mean?

It would mean you’d have to pay more.

dani ripper, call me, john lockeI’ve written 14 thrillers, mysteries and westerns. My two newest 99 cent novels are Call Me! and Maybe. If you feel like giving these books a try, click on the book covers.

Call Me

Synopsis: A beautiful, young private detective supports herself by posing as bait for men whose wives suspect them of cheating. On the side, she hunts for a notorious killer.


maybe, john locke, donovan creed, callie carpenterSynopsis: When an angry, unemployed chemist unleashes a bio-terrorist attack against women and children, the president of the United States asks Donovan Creed to get involved. It’s just one more thing on Creed’s plate.

Remember, enjoy these other authors first, and tell them I sent you. And when you’re down to your last Kindle buck and want to have a few laughs, try one of my laugh-out-loud thrillers.

You’re going to love your new Kindle. A world of entertainment awaits!