Donovan Creed

 The Donovan Creed Novels

lethal people, john locke, donovan creed, callie carpenterLethal People: a Donovan Creed Novel (Volume 1)

WOULD YOU LET A CHILD DIE IF YOUR FAMILY WAS IN DANGER? Every night, Donovan Creed sleeps in an FBI holding cell. Every morning, he makes his friends at the CIA test weapons of torture on him. Donovan Creed – practiced seducer, ruthless assassin – is a very tough guy. But even tough guys have their weaknesses. So when he meets an orphaned girl whose parents have been killed in an arson attack, Creed launches a kill-or-be-killed mission to bring a crime boss to justice.

lethal experiment, john locke, donovan creed, callie carpenterLethal Experiment: a Donovan Creed Novel (Volume 2)

HOW MUCH MONEY WOULD IT TAKE TO MAKE YOU A KILLER? One day a total stranger walks into your home and offers you $100K in cash. The only condition is that if you do, someone will die. The twist is, that person has killed before. Would you take the money? When he’s not working for the government Donovan Creed, practiced seducer, ruthless assassin, runs a special line in contract killings. Right now he’s involved in a crazed social experiment, but he’s finding it hard to reconcile with his conscience…

saving rachel, john locke, donovan creed, callie carpenterSaving Rachel: A Donovan Creed Novel (Volume 3)

IF YOU HAD TO CHOOSE BETWEEN YOUR WIFE AND YOUR LOVE, WHO WOULD YOU SAVE? Sam Case is in trouble. He is hiding over $9 billion for the world’s criminals – drug lords, cartel bosses, even the mafia. And now someone wants to take it from him. To show Sam they mean business, a group of very dangerous men give him a choice: save his wife, or save his mistress. But whoever he chooses, one of them will die.

now & then, john locke, donovan creed, callie carpenterNow & Then: a Donovan Creed Novel (Volume 4)

When we last encountered Donovan Creed, former CIA assassin and freelance killer, he had successfully stolen billions of dollars from the world’s most lethal criminals. Now all he wants is a romantic Florida vacation with the very sexy Rachel — no fire ants, bi-polar girlfriends, rabid squirrels, accident prone homicidal maniacs, hailstorms, hairless cats, gangs, faith healers, or pirates.

wish list, john locke, donovan creed, callie carpenterWish List: a Donovan Creed Novel (Volume 5)

Buddy Pancake is one of life’s losers. So imagine his surprise when he fills in a form on a wish fulfilment website, and days later is hooking up with the hottest actress in Hollywood.

But as Buddy will discover, you have to read the small print in life. Yes, he’s got his wish, but there are terms and conditions attached. When he finds out the gruesome price he must pay to the criminal masterminds behind the Wish List, he knows there’s only one man he can call: Donovan Creed.

a girl like you, john locke, donovan creed, callie carpenterA Girl Like You: a Donovan Creed Novel (Volume 6)

WOULD YOU GIVE UP THE WOMAN YOU LOVE TO SAVE THE WORLD? Rachel Case went to the doctor for a routine blood exam. Now she’s the most valuable woman in history, for Rachel possesses a unique gene – a marker that holds the key to protecting the world from a pandemic that could wipe out humanity. Every government and terrorist group in the world wants her DNA, and within days an elite team manages to kidnap her. Only one man can free her: Rachel’s lover, Donovan Creed. But only one knows her whereabouts: Rachel’s husband, Sam Case, who’s mission in life is to destroy Creed. Can these bitter enemies find a way to work together? No, of course not! But can Creed force Sam’s cooperation? Wait – does he even want to?

vegas moon, john locke, donovan creed, callie carpenterVegas Moon: a Donovan Creed Novel (Volume 7)

TO SAVE YOUR LIFE, WHAT CRIME WOULD YOU COMMIT? In order to save his own life, Donovan Creed signs on as bodyguard to the most famous gambler in Las Vegas history, Jim ‘Lucky’ Peters. Lucky, worth millions, has hit a losing streak and must raise a lot of cash in a short period of time from some of the world’s creepiest people. It doesn’t take long for Creed to learn that the person who holds the key to his survival is none other than Lucy’s smokin’ hot wife, Gwen, who has secrets of her own.

the love you crave, john locke, donovan creed, callie carpenterThe Love You Crave: a Donovan Creed Novel (Volume 8)

WHEN YOU’VE ALREADY BETRAYED EVERYONE YOU LOVE, WHO CAN YOU TURN TO FOR HELP? Former CIA assassin Donovan Creed finds himself at odds with mob-connected Tony Spumoni and practically everyone else he knows, including his boss Darwin, lover Gwen, daughter Kimberly, protege Callie, co-worker Lou, physician Doc Howard, assorted board members, terrorists, and even a zoo full of monkeys!

maybe, john locke, donovan creed, callie carpenterMaybe: a Donovan Creed Novel (Volume 9)

When an angry, unemployed chemist unleashes a bio-terrorist attack against women and children, the President of the United States asks Donovan Creed to get involved. It’s just one more thing on Creed’s plate.

john locke, donovan creed, callie carpenter, callie's last danceCallie’s Last Dance: a Donovan Creed Novel (Volume 10)

With the Director of Sensory Resources recently murdered, the powerful people behind the scenes at Homeland Security attempt to block Donovan Creed’s promotion. Unfortunately from them, he’s the only game in town. Meanwhile, in Las Vegas, Willow Breeland, the world’s most ambitious eighteen-year-old, hatches a plan to gain control of mob boss Carmine Porello’s strip club. Her plan depends on gaining the trust and support of Callie Carpenter’s live-in lover, Gwen Peters, and Donovan Creed’s daughter, Maybe Taylor. Against this backdrop, Donovan and his top assassin, Callie Carpenter, have fallen in love. But if things don’t work out for them as a couple, they have a backup plan: the breathtakingly beautiful private detective Dani Ripper, who seems to find both killers equally fascinating.

because we can, john locke, donovan creed, callie carpenterBecause We Can! a Donovan Creed Novel (Volume 11)

As Donovan Creed and Callie Carpenter’s personal relationship rapidly deteriorates, urban terrorist Ryan Decker wages an all-out war against the United States. Preliminary Review: “In this 11th installment of the Creed series, Locke offers a bouquet to his loyal readers: a perfect blend of humor and horror that chronicles Creed and Callie’s slow, steady descent into madness.”

john locke, donovan creed, callie carpenter, this means warThis Means War! a Donovan Creed Novel (Volume 12)

Donovan Creed emerges from the darkest phase of his life, just in time to romance his houseguest, Trudy Lake, and deal with an unprecedented nuclear threat from a Syrian national who wants to get laid before blowing up the White House. Add to the mix a task-oriented housewife, a stone killer, a dying grandmother, a crazed hillbilly, a bag lady, The Swingin’ Grouchos, nine dogs, and Callie Carpenter, and what could possibly go wrong? PRELIMINARY REVIEWS: “Locke has the unique ability to make you laugh right up to the moment he pulls the rug out from under you and knocks you on your ass.” “This latest addition to the Creed series features Locke’s trademark smirk with less violence, more fast-paced dialog; plot twists that come at you in flurries, from all angles; and a storyline that is occasionally heart-warming and always funny.” “John, I loved the book, but the outtakes at the end have convinced me you are not just innovative, but truly insane.”




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  1. I’ve read ALL your donovan Creed books, When are you going to write a new one……..PLEASE I need # 13 through ?????? My daughter loves your books too…….


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