When Worlds Collide

milky wayI logged on this morning to find a Discovery Channel video on my screen. I clicked it and–holy shit!–they said the Milky Way is gonna crash into the Andromeda Galaxy! The two galaxies are hurtling toward each other at more than 270,000 miles per hour! We’re all gonna be vaporized!

About that time a cloud passed over the sun! I raced to the window to see if Andromeda was coming. In that moment I thought about a lot of things, including the half-full bottle of 20-year-old Pappy Van Winkle in my bar. It wouldn’t do to let that go to waste. I cast a longing look at the hallway that led to the bourbon, and braced myself for impact.

When nothing happened, I googled the story and found it to be true. Collision IS imminent, and it will indeed be the end of Earth. However, even though we’re racing toward each other at 270,000 mph, the collision is not going to take place until……..4.2 BILLION years from now!

Not one to take chances, I poured myself a useful amount of Pappy and copied the link so you could watch the video yourself. Here it is, enjoy. Too bad there ain’t enough bourbon to pass around.

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